My class project about hurricane Florence

This hurricane was a massive hurricane at first then it got smaller as it approached land. When it was in ocean it was a category 4 the second most destructive category. Then when it approached land it shrunk it to a category 2. then when it hit North Carolina it became a category 1.

We should get some rain from it here in La grange KY. Thank gosh it wont be a tornado and it wouldn’t effect us in a bad way. It will just be a lot of rain from the hurricane

It did do a lot of damage to North Carolina though. It damaged a lot of buildings. it flooded a lot of streets and then at 1:00 a.m. this morning the hurricane undoubtedly exhausted and shouldn’t be doing anymore harm.

I think guy is being honest in this video clip      because 18 people died in this hurricane.

A lot of people think hurricane Florence was a really bad hurricane. It knocked over trees. It flooded a lot of roads. It killed at least 18 people.

if you want to see more information then visit the website below



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